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End of the year gifts, events, incentives... We are at your service for any order, estimate, or specific request, and will be pleased to satisfay your expectations thanks to our hundred-years know-how.

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  Dominique Autret petite aidant dans la Chocolaterie

Servant's News

Especialy during the warm summer time, Servant's large choice of Berthillon ice-creams perfums will be apreciated... You can find them at Auteuil during august, as Servant Neuilly is closed this month.

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  Dragées multicolores sur fond de sac Servant

"A colorful and sweet summer"

The Dragées is a tradition going back to the Middle Ages, and that can be found at baptems, weddings, births and all the nice occasions life is offering. Servant has a century old knowledge in assisting you in the preparation for these events.

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